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Air Macro is an established worldwide leader in the manufacturing of AN-MS-NAS-NASM bolts, screws, pins and nuts. Every fastener is proudly stamped with our AFC logo and is made to industry-standard specifications.

We also produce components that require secondary operations, including shouldered studs, drilled studs, and studs with locking features or wrench pads.

Air Macro's specialty is precision fasteners for aircraft engine manufacturers, including GE Aviation, Avio and Pratt & Whitney; we also supply component manufacturers, and engine overhaul and supply services.

Outside the aerospace sector, we manufacture fasteners for submarines, military tanks, space vehicles and the nuclear power industry.

M.S. Aerospace manufactures a wide range of close tolerance, high temperature, and high strength aerospace bolts, studs, pins, nuts, barrel nuts and screws, for the most demanding customers in the industry. These fasteners are produced in a large variety of aerospace materials, and in many different configurations. M.S. Aerospace’s high strength fasteners achieve tensile results in the range of 160,000 lbs per square inch, to 300,000 lbs per square inch. The Long Fatigue Life fasteners produced by M.S. Aerospace can exceed 3,000,000 fatigue cycles.

We maintain a substantial inventory of certified materials, including high temperature stainless grades 17-4 PH, 15-5 PH, H11, A286, 303 Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel 4140 and 8740, Inconel, Waspaloy, and Titanium.

All parts begin with a machined blank from precision bar stock with starting bar diameters of 1/8" to 1 ½" to produce our size range of diameters from 1/16" to 1 ¼" and up to 10" in length.

Secondary operations include:

* thread rolling
* milling
* broaching
* drilling
* honing
* grinding
* precision hole drilling
* EDM service
* plating
* heat treating
* precision grinding
* assembly services
* crimping
* marking capabilities

All components are subject to intensive multi-point inspection protocols during manufacturing. Dimensional laser inspections, photomicrography and chemical inspections are performed on site; we also offer specialized NDT on request.

Ari Macro specializes in custom components manufactured to specific tolerance and material requirements. In addition, we manufacture a wide variety of AN, MS and NAS studs, bolts, pins and screws.

Thread rolling is a type of cold forging that is compatible with any ductile metal. It is the preferred method for producing strong, uniform external threads. For highest quality results, thread rolling is performed on centerless ground blanks.

Rolled threads are often specified due to their superior tensile, shear, and fatigue strength. Where competitive processes produce the threads by removing material, thread rolling displaces the material using hardened steel dies. Dies typically have a Rockwell of 58-63 and dies are specific to each thread size and thread form.

By moving the material into the shape of the thread rather than removing material, the grain structure becomes denser at the critical junctures, especially the root and flank below the pitch diameter. This improves the quality of the thread. Additionally, the burnishing action of the steel dies produces an excellent (better than Ra32) micro-finish. The superior finish improves assembly between external and internal threads and minimizes wear between mating components, extending service life. Roll threaded components from Air Macro have the important added advantage of a finish that is smoother than ordinary threaded components.

As one of the largest independent aerospace fastener manufacturers in the world, our responsibility is to our customers, not to shareholders. What has driven Air Macro’s remarkable growth and success is our responsive and professional customer service.

Air Macro knows that if the customer can rely on us time and time again, (not just when things go well, but also when the going gets tough) , then that customer will come back to us time and time and again. This commitment of a customer-focused enterprise makes Air Macro the ‘go-to’ low maintenance vendor.